Disk Usage

Currently using 21.36 Terabytes out of 32.21 Terabytes of disk storage, with a total of 12,404,266 mirrored files.

SCSI Cache Usage

Currently caching 0 Bytes of the most popular content, with a total of 0 cached files.

Memory Usage

Currently using 65.97 Gigabytes out of 67.62 Gigabytes of RAM, and 76.45 Megabytes of swap.

Mirror Scripts Status:

Note that some projects, such as Debian, Sourceforge, Ubuntu (releases) and freshrpms use push and on-demand mirroring, and are not included in the below list. This list is updated every 5 minutes, click on a project link for the last available synchronisation log. Errors will be shown in red, note: not all errors are critical and on some projects it is normal behaviour to see a few.

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